Saturday, October 02, 2010

Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation

The 2008 US presidential election was memorable and historic in many respects - the amount of campaign money that had been spent, the total number of votes cast, but most importantly because for the first time a man of African descent, Barack Obama, had been elected to the presidency. No matter where you stand politically, there was something poignant about that fact. However, what bothers many people is that for a substantial portion of the electorate Obama's race was the only criterion upon which they based their vote.

This allowed perhaps the least qualified person ever to become the most powerful person in the World, another historic event. The question, then, becomes why were so many people, especially the young ones, so willing to leave aside all semblances of critical thinking and in droves follow this grossly underqualified politician? They acted as if they had been stripped of all vestiges of individuality and rationality, in other words - they acted like zombies.

In this scathing and devilishly funny book Jason Mattera accounts some of the worst excesses that Obama zombies had indulged in before and during the election. He is especially critical of the way that the media had handled candidate and then president Obama, lionizing him beyond anything that should be acceptable in decent society. The MTV generation was all too willing to take in all this drivel and follow their messianic candidate wherever he chose to lead them.

The book is written in a very accessible and entertaining style designed to appeal to the young, but some of its main messages are actually very serious: failure of the young electorate to appreciate the implications of their zombie-like behavior has dire consequences for the entire political process.

There should be more Jason Matteras around to alert us to all of this.

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